Natural Killer Cell Testing

What are the benefits of Natural Killer Cell Testing?

What are the benefits of Natural Killer Cell TestingAdequate invasion of the human placenta during the first weeks of pregnancy is a critical step in ensuring both fetal and maternal health.

An increase in NK cell numbers and/or activity in pre- or post-conceptional period in women with recurrent miscarriage or infertility with multiple implantation failures are a significant clinical concern. In addition, characteristics of NK cells in these women support the changes for their increased activity status.

Increased numbers of uNK cells have previously been associated with reproductive failure. The mechanisms of reproductive failure associated with raised uNK cell density appear to be increased angiogenesis (blood vessel development) and peri-implantation blood flow, which may lead to early maternal circulation and hence pregnancy failure due to excessive oxidative stress.

The results of the tests therefore may show that you may have normal or high NK cell levels and activity in blood and/or the womb lining. They may suggest that treatment could help you.