Natural Killer Cell Testing

Natural Killer Cell Testing

Natural Killer Cells are a type of lymphocyte - an immune cell - normally circulating in blood. They make up a large part of the immune system. Natural Killer Cells play a major role in the rejection of tumours and cells infected by viruses. They kill those cells by apoptosis (cell shrinkage).

There is evidence to suggest that an imbalance of activity of Natural Killer Cells in the blood of some women could be contributing to miscarriage.

More recently, an imbalance in the presence of NK cells was also found in the blood of women whose embryos failed to implant in the womb.

Some clinics offer blood tests to measure the level of NK cells in your blood as well as tests that measure their function.  These blood tests will only measure NK cells in the blood and cannot measure or test NK cells in the uterus. 

We are the only clinic in the UK that is able to offer Natural Killer Cell Testing as well as Natural Killer Cell blood count and activity tests.

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